Prop Tool

Prop Tool

Prop Tool

Using the prop tool, you can place down on a map any number of props onto your map.
To place a prop, select one from the drop down selection menu, adjust its settings for your needs, and select where to place it.

Left Hand Pane

  1. You are able to select whether you use a Dungeonfog prop, or a prop uploaded by you.
    1. DungeonFog shows you all props that are available in our library
    2. Upload shows you all props that you have uploaded
    3. My Collection shows you all props that you have added to your collection via the Asset Manager
  2. Search props by name and switch between list & row view
  3. Use dropdown submenus to select prop.

Right Hand Pane

Rotation: Change rotation of object from 0 to 360 degrees.
Scale: Change size of object from 1% to 1000%.
Mirror H: Mirror object along the horizontal axis.
Mirror V: Mirror object along the vertical axis.
Above Walls: Places the prop above walls; prevents being cut off at the room edge.
Shadow: Changes whether or not the object casts a shadow under dynamic lighting.
Needs Key: This function is used for Dungeon Fog's Virtual Table Top function.
Concealed: This function is used for Dungeon Fog's Virtual Table Top function. Hides object from Player View.
Trapped: This function is used for Dungeon Fog's Virtual Table Top function.
Snap to Grid: Attaches object to grid when placed.
Randomize: Able to randomize the options of Rotation, Scale, and Mirroring of objects.

Selecting a prop

The Selection Tool on a prop allows you to change the initial settings of the prop, change its color, and allows you to duplicate it by pressing Ctrl+D while a prop is selected.
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