Map Decorations

Map Decorations

Map Decorations

With this feature, you can set props, brushes, shapes, and text as a 'map decoration'.  This will place it above all objects including 'above wall' objects and tokens allowing you to detail and decorate your whatever needs you have.

Object Option:
Map Decoration - Enables/Disables this feature for the selected object.  Enabling this feature will disable the option 'above walls' as a map decoration appears above all objects.

Map decoration properties
Objects with active map decoration flag will:
  1. always be rendered on top
  2. are not affected by dynamic lighting (ambient, light sources & shadows)
  3. are not being displayed in player views
  4. you can toggle their visibility on export via the export view options

Export Option:
Show Map Decorations - This new export feature allows you quickly hide or show map decorations so you don't have to manually hide/unhide them before making a second export of your map.

Stage Option:
Darken Stage - To allow for a more unique decorative maps, we have added a long requested option to turn off the darkening of a stage.  This will allow you further customization and allow for the creation of decoration layers, or just maps shown from a higher level without the darkening aspect.  This feature is available when 'show stage' is disabled, and can be turned on or off for each level to obtain the desired affect.

Example Map:

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