Keyboard and Mouse Shortcuts

Keyboard and Mouse Shortcuts

With the version TECH Alpha v0.2.0, the keyboard shortcuts have been re-worked.  Please review the following:

System Shortcuts:

Performance (F8) - Prop Count
Debug (F9) - Information for providing feedback we may need.
Save Map (CTRL/CMD+S)


Selection Tool (CTRL/CMD+1)
Landmass Tool (CTRL/CMD+2)
Prop Brush (CTRL/CMD+3)
Color Brush (CTRL/CMD+4)
Eraser (CTRL/CMD+5)

Selection Tool:

Delete Selection - (DELETE / macOS: FN+DELETE or FORWARD DELETE)
Deselect - ESC
Mutli-Select (SHIFT+LEFT CLICK) - ESC to Cancel
Rectangular Selection:
  - CTRL/CMD  - Activate rectangular selection
  - CTRL/CMD+SHIFT - Add to rectangular selection
  - CTRL/CMD+ALT - Subtract from rectangular selection

Landmass Tool:

Add Mode (A)
Subtract Mode (S)
Toggle Fill (F)
Toggle Brush Tip (Q)

Last Updated for - Deios Feature Alpha v0.3.0
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