How to: Recreate maps using the blueprint tool

How to: Recreate maps using the blueprint tool

If you have an old map that you would like to recreate in DungeonFog, you can use the blueprint tool.

What are blueprints?
Blueprints are an overlay that show you the map image you have uploaded as a reference to recreate the map.
Blueprints are a reference only. To prevent infringements on intellectual property, we hide the blueprint on export and in the player's version of the viewer.

How do I use the blueprint tool?
In this video, we explain the details of the blueprint feature:

General overview

Through our select tool you can access the blueprint feature.
Activate blueprints to upload you image.
Adjust the visibility to recreate the map.

Blueprint manager
The blueprint manager allows you to upload images and use them as blueprints.

Upload your image. Switch to "Resize map" to adjust your map and align it to the image.
Preview area. Make fine-adjustments to match image and grid. 

to zoom the preview area
SPACE+left mouse to pan the view
SHIFT+mousewheel (or arrow keys) to fine-adjust position
ALT+mousewheel to rotate image
ALT+klick & drag to draw new grid

Once you are ready apply the setup to your image and the blueprint will be added to your editor canvas.

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