How to fix a map error

How to fix a map error

Although we do our best to avoid errors in DUNGEONFOG, there can be situations where the map data can not be interpreted properly by our renderer and causes an error message.

Clearing the browser cache
In some instances especially after hotfixes or patches, a new editor version can require you to clear your browser cache.
  1. Reloading new cache on Google Chrome or Firefox: CTRL+SHIFT+R (or CTRL+F5)
  2. If that does not work, you might need to clear your cache manually from your browser settings. 
    Please follow these guides to do so:
    Clearing cache manually in Chrome:
    Clearing cache manually in Firefox:

If the Error is screen is not going away:
  1. Please visit and click the yellow reset browser state button. That should fix the issue.
  2. If that doesn't do the trick, you could also check if a clone of your map does open without any issues. Cloning often also fixes such issues.
  3. If however neither of the methods mentioned above solve the issue, please reach out and we'll have a look at the map object.
Don't hesitate to contact us in any regards and consider joining our discord server, if you haven't already - we and the community are glad to help there as well.

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