DUNGEONFOG Community Etiquette

DUNGEONFOG Community Etiquette


All members of the DGNFOG community are expected to be familiar with these rules of etiquette and they will be enforced evenly and without bias in every situation which is brought to the attention of the administration regardless of the membership status of the user in question.

The well being of our members is paramount to the operation of this community. In order to ensure that, the DGNFOG team holds the right to expunge from its database any content that after investigation was found in any way to be contrary to the etiquette guidelines without any further notice.

Racism / Bigotry Zero Tolerance

The following apply only to user comments, user avatars, user bios, map descriptions and cover images and it will be referred to as "user content" in the rest of this section.

This community operates under a zero-tolerance policy for all user content on the matters of racism and bigotry against any and all minorities. In simpler words, if a user content is found to be racist or promote ideals outside inclusivity and equality, the DGNFOG Team withholds the right to remove any or all their content from the website without warning.

We must insist that you refrain from comments which are racist, bigoted, or which otherwise offensively target a philosophy or religion. In addition we ask that our members avoid making offensive remarks based on gender or sexual preference and that you do not make any remark, comment or critique which is intended to be a direct insult to an individual, group, or genre of artwork. Hate propaganda is met with zero tolerance. Comments which are overly aggressive, personally insulting or needlessly abusive are also prohibited.

If you feel that you have been the target of harassment, personal insults or other severe behavior please notify the staff by email support@dungeonfog.com. Please be aware that the staff will only directly intervene in cases which are considered severe; minor situations may be dealt with using tools made available to all registered members.

Discouraged Commentary

Discouraged commentary is typically considered to have the potential to escalate into an aggressive or abusive situation.

While not strictly prohibited we must insist that all personal arguments, disagreements, and other volatile "personal" issues within, be confined to private communications such as Notes, emails, or Instant Messaging programs. Likewise we discourage public accusations and other similar situations; please bring all issues of this nature to the attention of the staff by notifying the official DGNFOG helpdesk.

Exploitive Commentary

Exploitive commentary is typically considered to be disruptive due to unusual or unique factors.

Do not 'spam' (send large numbers of identical notes or comments). Spamming is obnoxious and is typically used for self-promotion, or other unwanted advertising.

Do not 'flood' (place large numbers of comments rapidly on a single page or craft a single comment which consumes a large amount of page space) the forums, notes system, userpages or other areas of the site. Flooding usually disrupts page loading times and serves no useful purpose.

Respect Your Fellow Artists

As a vibrant and growing art community DGNFOG welcomes all kinds of original artworks; but we MUST insist that the artwork which you submit be your own original works.

Your works must be your own original creations and you may only use resources which are considered legitimate and legal. Submissions which make use of works without proper permission or licensing by the original author will be removed as they come to the attention of the staff. This policy applies to all public map submissions, profile pictures, and the preview images used for public map folders.

If you have reason to believe that a DGNFOG submission violates this policy you should contact  the staff by notifying the official DGNFOG helpdesk.

Mature Content

When we discuss mature content we are specifically referring to works which contain images, subject matter, or other themes which some viewers may find offensive, distasteful, or otherwise undesirable to view or to read. The most common 'undesired' viewing material may include, but is not limited to, images containing artistic nudity (see details below), large amounts of simulated blood and gore, or generally violent themes.

DGNFOG strictly prohibits the submission of materials classified as pornographic or obscene. There is no exception to this prohibition.

Certain content may be deemed obscene by the administration and as such the staff reserves the right to remove such content immediately upon discovery. The administration reserves the sole right to review and classify questionable material as obscene or not obscene.


This section applies only to avatars which you personally use for your account; avatars submitted into a DGNFOG Gallery or to your profile picture must still conform to all official policies without exception but are not subjected to the restrictions below.

Avatars used to represent your account on site are granted more leniency than standard site submissions. You may freely use material and resources with only the restrictions outlined as follows;

Your avatar should not contain nudity of any sort.
You may not use avatars specifically created by other users without their explicit permission.
If your avatar contains a portion of a work made by another artist it will be removed by staff at the request of the original artist.
In all other respects your avatar must conform to the guidelines set above in regards to hate propaganda.

Appeals and Inquiries

Appeals, inquiries, or questions concerning work removals, violation notices, account suspensions, or other administrative actions should be addressed to the official DGNFOG email at support@dungeonfog.com

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