Discord Moderation Rules

Discord Moderation Rules

Rules & Policies

This section contains the rules and moderation policies for our Discord server. Moderators are required to base their moderation on those rules and their policies.

1. Advertising

Users are not allowed to advertise 
a) without permission
b) outside the dedicated channels (stream announcements, collaboration) 

any kind of content, this includes but is not limited to:
  1. Discord invite links
  2. Referral links
  3. Social media profiles or channels
This rule also applies to advertisements through direct messages.

Policy: Users who join our Discord server only to violate this rule are permanently muted when advertising publicly and banned when advertising through direct messages. Other users are warned.

2. Language & Behavior

Language or behavior is prohibited if it is:
  1. Insulting
  2. Accusatory
  3. Defamatory
  4. Violent
  5. Sexist
  6. Racist
  7. Discriminating
Policy: Users are warned when violating this rule, in severe cases they may be temporarily muted.

3. Prohibited Content

Content is prohibited if it:
  1. Is illegal
  2. Involves pornography or nudity
  3. Is sexual or suggestive content
  4. Shows or encourages violence
  5. Threatens, harasses, or bullies or encourages others to do so
  6. Is personal and confidential information
  7. Impersonates someone in a misleading or deceptive manner
  8. Is spam
Policy: Depending on the severeness, users are warned, temporarily muted, or permanently muted when violating this rule.

4. Spamming

The following behavior is considered spam:
  1. Sending messages with arbitrary characters in a fast sequence
  2. Sending the same message again and again in a fast sequence
  3. Repeatedly mentioning staff roles
Policy: Depending on the severeness, users are warned or temporarily muted when violating this rule. Accounts that are solely used for spamming are permanently muted.

5. Begging

Users are not allowed to ask others for free rewards or money. Please use our earning methods if you want to get rewards.

Policy: Depending on the severeness, users are warned or temporarily muted when violating this rule.


1. Ban
Permanently removes a user from the server.

2. Mute
Permanently mutes a user in all channels.

3. Temporary Mute
Temporarily mutes a user in all channels.

4. Warning
A warning is a note that will be attached to a user's account. 3 or more warnings within the last 24 hours will result in a temporary mute for a duration of 24 hours.

Moderator Etiquette

  1. Moderators should always be calm and polite, even when users are not.
  2. Moderators should never be rude to users.
  3. Moderators should not use their power based on their opinion, penalties should be based on the moderation policies.
  4. Moderators should try to inform users when they remove their content or mute them.
  5. Moderators should offer helpful rule explanations, tips, and links to new or confused users.

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